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All accuracy is adjusted to "within ± 1 mm at 10 m" by the ultra-precision assembly and manufacturing system unique to the pioneer Nissho equipment of laser marking equipment.
Automatic leveling method using a horizontal sensor (world patent) and a servo motor.
Just place it and it will automatically give you the correct horizontal / vertical.
If it is tilted beyond the automatic correction range (± 4 °), the line will disappear to notify you.
The tripod of the main body has a height adjustment screw.
Since it can be expanded and contracted by 0 to 20 mm, it is easy to align the ink points even if the installation surface is tilted.
360 ° all-around rotation function
Main Unit Dimensions (mm):  215H x 162W (maximum protrusion)
Mass of Main Unit (kg):  1.3 (including batteries)
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