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Vacuum Defoamers

A defoamer is an instrument used to remove bubbles (gas) contained in a sample. It is used for defoaming epoxy resin and grease, as well as in scientific experiments and research sites. There are centrifugal deaerators that use centrifugal force and vacuum deaerators that deaerate samples by stirring them in vacuum. The vacuum defoamer is made of acrylic or polycarbonate, so it has good visibility and can be used for experiments and research while confirming the state of stirring and degassing.
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  1. Vacuum deaerator
    SANPLATEC Vacuum deaerator
    It is made of all acrylic and has excellent visibility, so you can check the state of stirring and defoaming at a glance. A support for mounting the stirring motor (Φ16) and a vacuum seal for inserting the stirring rod (for Φ8) are installed. * The vacuum defoaming device does not include the sti... Read More
    from S$1,999.00
    Min. 15 days
  2. Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet
    AS ONE Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet
    Bubbles contained in the sample can be easily defoamed by stirring in a vacuum environment. Since the main body is made of transparent acrylic, you can easily observe the inside during the experiment. * We do not deliver to private homes (detached houses / apartments). * Clamps and stirrers are n... Read More
    Decompression tolerance  1 Torr (about 133 Pa)  As ONE Part Number  1-4211-01  Mass (kg)  11.4  Capacity (L)  12  Wall Thickness (mm)  20  Inner Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  260×180×260  Number of Shelves  2nd grade  Outer Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  300×222×360  Model Number  VD-VL 
    from S$1,899.00
    Min. 13 days
  3. Vacuum Defoaming Mixer
    AS ONE Vacuum Defoaming Mixer
    As ONE Part Number  1-8992-11  Dimension (mm)  300×230×535  Power Supply  AC100V 50/60Hz  Motor  High torque brushless motor (60W)  Operating Temperature Range (℃)  Sample temperature 100 or less 
    from S$3,999.00
    Min. 3 days
  4. Vacuum defoaming stirrer
    AS ONE Vacuum defoaming stirrer
    As ONE Part Number  1-8992-01  Stirrable maximum viscosity  1000 to 100,000 cP or more  Power Supply  100V 50/60Hz  Rotational Speed (min -1 [rpm])  10~350  Mass (kg)  19  Inner Dimensions (mm)  260×180×260  Outer Dimensions (mm)  300 x 255 x 529 (including gauge part)  Power Cable  Cord with 3P plug  Motor  DC brushless motor 40W  Operating Temperature Range (℃)  Sample temperature 100 ° C or less  Model Number  VDS-1 
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