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  1. Oil cut flyer
    VERSOS Oil cut flyer
    Power Input (V)  AC100(50/60)  Cable Length (cm)  About 90  Color  Red  timer  (Cooking) 0-30 minutes  Capacity (L)  (Basket) 1.9  Mass (kg)  About 5.5  Material  ABS resin, etc.  Temperature Control Range (℃)  80 to 200 (with thermostat)  Power Consumption (W)  1400 
  2. Oil cut flyer
    VERSOS Oil cut flyer
    Easy 3-step oil cut for a crispy texture.
    Temperature Control Range (℃)  80~200  Power Consumption (W)  1400  Cable Length (m)  0.9  Color  White / red  Capacity (L)  1.9  Power Input (V)  AC100(50/60Hz) 
  3. Electric fryer  Master of fried food
    YAMAZEN Electric fryer Master of fried food
    "Fried food master" where you can enjoy fried food dishes with everyone at the table. You can enjoy fried foods that everyone loves, such as fried chicken and deep-fried skewers. For kushikatsu and fried skewers. As a desktop flyer, electric flyer, electric flyer.
    Capacity (mL)  1100  Power Consumption (W)  1250  Mass of Main Unit (kg)  2.4  External Dimensions (Depth D x Width W x Height H) (mm)  290×200×185  Oil volume (cc)  830~1000  Cable Length (m)  About 1.8  Color  White black 
  4. Detergent Thor for fryer
    Altan Detergent Thor for fryer
    Mass (g)  100  As ONE Part Number  2-3726-51 
  5. Oil coagulant
    Diversey Oil coagulant
    An oil coagulant that can easily solidify oil and treat it as burnable garbage without soiling your hands or kitchen. The raw material is an additive-free, non-colored natural fat component extracted from plants, so it can be safely discarded.
    Dimension (mm)  155×50×205  Type  Tempo 
  6. Healthy flyer without oil
    da Vinci Healthy flyer without oil
    Using the "oil" and "water" of the ingredients, the whole is wrapped in hot air and heat is passed quickly and evenly, so the taste of the ingredients is tightly confined and the finish is crispy as if fried in oil! A fan is installed on the top of the fryer that holds ingredi... Read More
    Power Input (V)  AC100(50Hz/60Hz)  Temperature Control Range (℃)  80~200  Material  ABS resin  timer  0-30 minutes  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (cm)  24×33×32.5  Power Cable (m)  1.2  Capacity (L)  (Basket part) 2  Power Consumption (W)  1400  Mass (kg)  5.5 
  7. Digital food oil tester
    Testo Digital food oil tester
    Measures the polar compounds produced by the deterioration of frying oil and digitally displays the degree of deterioration. The quality of cooking oil directly affects frying foods. Not only does old oil affect the taste of fried foods, but ingestion of it can cause heartburn and nausea. Power s... Read More
    Dimensions, Height x Width x Thickness (mm)  354×50×30  Mass (kg)  0.164  Material  Body: ABS, tip: stainless steel 
  8. One person's desk flyer "Fried Monotei"
    THANKO (Electronics) One person's desk flyer "Fried Monotei"
    Freshly fried can be eaten immediately. A fryer pot for one person who can easily fried food. Also for tempura and snacks. * Do not soak in water, sprinkle water on it, or wash it completely as it may cause a short circuit or electric shock. * Do not wire octopus legs. * Do not operate with wet h... Read More
    Mass (g)  1050  Rated Power Consumption (W)  840  Thermal Fuse  280 degrees  Cable Length (mm)  1500  Rated Frequency (Hz)  50/60  Rated Voltage (V)  100  Dimensions, Diameter x Height H (Φmm x mm)  (Body) 210 x 220, (inside) 140 x 120 
  9. Tiger Electric Flyer
    TIGER Tiger Electric Flyer
    A group type that can be fried at the table. You can remove the pot and wash it with a sink. A spacious 3m cord that can be used anywhere. A magnetic plug that is safe to hook the cord and is convenient for storage.
    Quantity to Use  (Oil) 1L  Mass (kg)  2.1  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  264×211×224  Cable Length (m)  TKG Part No. (2017)  6-0655-0401  TKG Part No.  7-0692-0401  Power Consumption (W)  905  Color  Brown  Specification  Fluorine resin processing  Included Accessories  Oil pan, lid  Power Supply  Single phase 100V 
  10. Fly Emperor Special
    Ion Giken Fly Emperor Special
    Innovative new technology makes oil last longer! Cost reduction because oil lasts longer and the number of disposals is reduced. It improves oil drainage and reduces calories. To install, just put the ion unit in oil. * Install the power supply box in a stable place where it will not be exposed t... Read More
    Diameter x Length (Φmm x mm)  (Ion unit) 12 x 120  Power Consumption (W)  Power Cable (m)  1.7, ion code: 2.0  Opening Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  110×35×50  Power Input (V)  Single phase 100 
  11. Master of fried food (electric fryer)
    YAMAZEN Master of fried food (electric fryer)
    Leave the fried food to us. Uses a magnet plug that is safe for children to scratch.
    Cable Length (m)  About 1.8  Rated Capacity  900g (oil amount)  Temperature Control Range (℃)  160~200  Power Consumption  1250W  Main Unit Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  290×195×185 
  12. Non flyer plus
    PHILIPS Non flyer plus
    A digital fried food cooker that can make crispy and delicious fried foods without using oil by circulating heat and air at a maximum of about 200 degrees. Uses a "digital touch panel" that can adjust the temperature in 5 ° C increments and set the time accurately from 1 minute to 60 mi... Read More
    Cable Length (cm)  100  Power Consumption (W)  1425  Capacity  2.2L/800g  Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) (mm)  287×384×315  Mass (g)  5700  Temperature Control Range (℃)  60 to 200 (in 5 ° C increments)  Material  ABS resin  Power Supply Voltage (V)  AC100(50/60Hz) 
  13. Diversity Flyer Fighter
    Inomata chemical Diversity Flyer Fighter
    It is a detergent for fryer that can be removed without rubbing just by boiling oil stains and oil residue stuck to every corner of the oil tank. Phosphorus-free alkaline
    Capacity (kg)  0.5 × 20 bags  TKG Part No. (2017)  6-0662-0801  TKG Part No.  8-0707-0801 
  14. Full of energy (Healthy Eco Plate)
    EBM Full of energy (Healthy Eco Plate)
    Outer Dimensions (mm)  250×145×H8  maker part number  4422900  Mass (g)  580  Type  For 10L 
  15. Jowetz is solidifying J
    Jouetsu Jowetz is solidifying J
    You can easily dispose of troublesome liquid waste by solidifying the oil without polluting the environment. You can also harden the fried dregs together to make cleaning up easier. * Do not overheat the oil before adding it. The solidified oil can be melted again at 50 ° C or higher, but do not ... Read More
    Dimension (mm)  30×10×158  Material  Natural fats and oils 
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